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11-Jul-2017 09:18

Parents are furious at staff for the 'disgusting' decision and have accused them of 'humiliating' their youngsters.

A letter sent to mothers and fathers said the move had been taken because 'budgets are tight' and that controlling 'parental debt' would be in the best interest of the school.

While summer is a time to farm, get outside, and have fun – we also need to remember that learning and reading should never stop!

According to Scholastic: During the school year, lower income children’s skills improve at close to the same rate as those of their more[…] We are so proud that our Founder, Stephen “El Capitan” Ritz, is releasing his book with Rodale: The Power Of A Plant.

But new rules state that if pupils in years three to six go over their balance by more than £2.30 they will be left without a full meal for lunch.

In the letter, parents were told: 'As part of the school's procedure to improve the efficient running of the school, at a time when budgets are tight, we are implementing a new procedure to control parental debt.'We have opted for the 'one day debt rule' for all children from years 3 to 6.

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Serving the most at-risk children in the school from – 5 PM daily, we: have helped solve 1,914 math problems analyzed 514 reading passages completed 272 outstanding assignments and cooked 26 gourmet meals from scratch including our signature[…] Input equals output!A Catholic primary school has been accused of treating pupils like 'Oliver Twist' by refusing to serve them a proper meal because of their parents' debt to the canteen.Struggling families at St Raphael's primary school in Northolt, north London, have been warned that children will be fed only 'bread and fruit' for lunch if they can't pay-up.This means your debt for the day should not exceed £2.30.

'Any child with an outstanding debt will not receive a school meal and will be fed bread and fruit on the day.'To avoid this embarrassment for your child, please ensure that full payment is made before 11.00am on the day or provide with a packed lunch.'St Raphael's was judged as 'good' in its last Ofsted report and in her mission statement to parents, head teacher Evelyn Ward said the school aims to 'work in a spirit of partnership with you, our parents, developing our respective roles and responsibilities, to teach children.'But families have slammed the new lunch-time rules and have accused staff of imposing conditions fit for a Charles Dickens novel.Last week we fed all 750 students in the school a healthy, locally grown meal via our School Garden to School Cafeteria Program.