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A 2015 World Health Organisation survey showed that Spanish women outlive all other nationalities (living to 85.5 years) apart from the Japanese — so they must be doing something right.

Spanish healthcare consists of both private and public healthcare, with some hospitals ().

As the Spanish healthcare system is decentralised, you will need to check the conditions in your own area for using healthcare services.

There’s a directory of the regional health authorities within the different regions of Spain on the Spanish health ministry’s website (mainly in Spanish).

This is administered by the authorities in each autonomous region.

The state system is funded by social security contributions, with each region of Spain taking individual responsibility for a health budget allocated by central government.

This is being investigated by the European Commission but if it happens to you, try to get proof that you presented it at the time as it may persuade an insurer to waive their excess.

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You then take the certificate, passport and NIE number (foreigner’s identity number) along to your local health centre. You can then register with a doctor and apply for a health card ( or SIP card.You can find your nearest local health centre or public hospital in Spain here.As an expat, you are entitled to free state healthcare if you are: ) with a basic monthly fee.In total, 98.7 percent of the population are insured for Spanish healthcare.

However, healthcare expenditure has been decreasing in recent years, and waiting times can be long.

Click on your region on the map for contact details of your local health authority and links to specific information about the health services it provides.